Nazim's poetry

Nazim's poetry

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

nahi nigah maiN manzil

nahi nigah maiN manzil to justujoo he sahi
nahi visaal mayassar to arzoo he sahi

na tun maiN Khoon faraham, na ashk aankhooN maiN
namaz-e-shouq to wajib hai, bai_wuzoo he sahi

kisi tarah to jamay bazm maikadey walooN
nahi jo baad-o-saaGhar, to haa-o-hoo sahi

gar intizar kaThan hai to jab talak aaey dil
kisi ki waada-e-fardaa ki guftugoo he sahi

dayar-e-Ghair maiN mehram agar koi nahi
to "Faiz" zikr-e-watan apney rubaroo he sahi

Though the destination eludes sight- let the search be;
Though union defies attainment- let the longing be.[1]

The body lacks blood, the eyes lack moisture
-Yet the prayer of desire is obligatory, without purity it may be. [2]

Let the gathering come alive somehow- O those of the tavern,
If not goblets of wine, let lightheartedness and laughter be.[3]

If the wait is tough- then in the meantime, O heart,
On someone's promise of tomorrow - let conversation be. [4]

In this abode of strangers, if no confidant exists,
Faiz - let the invocation of homeland with yourself be.

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