Nazim's poetry

Nazim's poetry

Friday, July 6, 2012

“Why do people hate someone?”

One day my friend ’, asked me - “Why do people hate 
I thought for a while and smiled for this is very difficult to really explain.
I remembered an episode 
when I was angry,
 my father said-
“If there is an emotion
 that was positive 
it can turn negative too - meaning to say, 
 if there was love you can hate,
 if there was light it is dark now,
 if there was truth there is a lie, 
if there is anger it exists
 because there was a very positive emotion 
(or many)  associated to it….Why are you angry think about it?”
So I just replied to my friendsSss’- 
“Because they loved too much to now hate …..”

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