Nazim's poetry

Nazim's poetry

Monday, April 22, 2013

Saza-e-mout hy manzoor

Qabool-e-jurm hy aye ishq 

terey qadmon mein gir k, 

 Saza-e-mout hy manzoor

 mohabbat ab nahi karni.. 

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  1. I'm a guy, but this part really resonated with me:

    "This is why I hate when I hear: "you will find someone else. you'll
    find other guys." Yes, fine, Visites the Links Meditation Blogs
    I know this, it's life. But it's not this
    that upsets or annoys me. I'm not looking for anyone. We were a
    beautiful accident--it wasn't on purpose. That's all. We can't replace
    accidents just like that"

    I recently had my girlfriend of 9 months break up with me, and that's exactly how I felt. It's life, but that doesn't make it any easier to get past. Visites the Links Meditation Blogs


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